Beware! Use the right tools for the job!


After much push from my wife, I endeavour to drill a hole in the wall to hang a picture frame. Yes, I hate doing this stuff!

So, I picked up a random drill bit and hit it hard into the wall. I was impressed by the strength of the wall. After much trying, I was unable to drill a hole. I gave up!

After a few weeks, my friends came over for dinner. I told them the story. After some inspection, he asked me to show the drill bit I was using. He enlightened me that the drill bit is for wood, which I pushed hard into a concrete wall!

Lesson learnt – use the right tools for the job!

Use the right tools for the job

In the business world, it is ubiquitous to see people using the wrong tools all the time. The bigger problem is that we don’t even acknowledge it as a problem.

I am sure you must have come across:

  • Staff using emails for discussions
  • Excel to manipulate data outside the ERP system. Performing complex calculations in Excel for purchasing, which is the typical purpose of an ERP system
  • Custom development where the same capabilities are available out of the box in the enterprise system (ERP/CRM)
  • Custom development within enterprise systems where the same capabilities are available in off-the-shelf software.  
  • Developing custom websites and portals instead of using ready to configure platforms (like WordPress)

The list is endless! The problem is our wide acceptance of using the wrong tools. Random decisions on custom development are labelled as innovation. Yet, at the same time, off-the-shelf software can do the same work.  

The point is that we are ignorant!

Ignorant of the fact that we are not using our tools wisely.

Look around and check within your own organisation. Maybe ask yourself what you can do about this sheer waste?