The Surprising Benefits of Having Less: How Void Fuels Creativity?


Had I been born into a wealthy family, the concept of the value of money might have eluded me entirely. Similarly, if I had been excessively attractive, I could have become preoccupied with trivial matters. And if I had been inundated with an abundance of customers, the intricacies of marketing and sales may not have been a priority.

It’s no secret that setbacks and failures are often invaluable teachers. Yet, a deficiency or lack of something in life can also be a stepping stone towards personal growth. By observing our surroundings with a discerning eye, we can find how void fuels creativity.

We may even come to appreciate the things we were never given by the universe. Who knows what kind of surprises life has in store for us when we choose to view our deficiencies as opportunities for our transformation!