We do not resist change; we resist hard work!

Change Management

Yes, we do not resist change; we resist hard work! The hard work is in learning the new system and processes. We are our habits. Changing and adopting new practices is painful. So, we end up resisting the proposed change.

One of the ways to overcome Change resistance is by demonstrating the noble cause. We like to associate with the change that is bigger than life. We want to be a part of something gracious and meaningful. So, communicate the big picture of the change. Ask yourself why people should listen to you and learn new things? What is there for them?

Humans portray themselves as rational and fair. So, get the individual resisting change in the room with change supporters. Demonstrate the big picture and the opportunity for them to be a part of something big. There are good chances that the resistance to change will fade due to Social proof and their act of portraying rationality. Try this tactic and see the magic!