What are you prepared to give away?


You must know what are you prepared to give away? Life is all about giving and taking. If you want to attain something, you must first give. The question is, what are you prepared to give!

  • To earn money, you give away your time and energy
  • To learn, you may give away your money and time
  • To be healthy, you have to give up Netflix, sugar and a lethargic lifestyle

Similarly, to implement ERP software, you must give away capital, time and energy. Therefore, you must know what you are prepared to give away as a Project Sponsor? In other words, what do you value the most:

  • Are you prepared to give away more capital to deliver a project on time?
  • Are you prepared to give away the planned project deadline to deliver a product with an excellent user experience?

Once you know what you value and are prepared to give away, the decision-making becomes simple. Always try to maintain a healthy balance, among all things. But random stuff will often unbalance everything and ask you – what are you prepared to give away? Be ready for it!

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