What do I need to do as a Project Sponsor?


Are you sponsoring a project for the first time? It is a big responsibility, and you must know your role within the project. Sometimes, however, what is expected from you may not be clear. You are not going to receive a position description. Your stakeholders expect you should know or figure it out yourself.

So, you may be wondering, what do I need to do as a Project Sponsor?

There is much material on the internet that can be of help. But, often, it cannot be obvious. So, how to know precisely what is required from you? Should you rely on the Project team and vendors to reach out to you?

Look, if you are unsure, think of yourself as being accountable for developing a product. You have a set budget, time, and quality constraints. So, you need to form a Project team that can deliver the product within set constraints.

Notice that you are the key decision maker in this game!

The project is a medium through which the Project team will deliver the product.

In this context, think about the following avenues:

  • Is the product going to solve the intended problem within the given constraints? – Business Case
  • Have I got the right people to deliver the product? – Appointing the Project team
  • Will the end users love to use the product? – Change Management
  • How can I keep everyone informed about product development? – Stakeholder management
  • Who is going to support the product? – Managed services team appointment
  • How am I going to manage the product lifecycle? – Product roadmap

The list goes on. When you start owning product development, you will likely have much better clarity on your role.

Good luck, and reach out for any help!