What is listening? Why listening is too hard?


Since morning, I have pondered the various facets of this question: What is listening?

Here are a few leading thoughts:

Many of us assume that listening is – not speaking. So, if we are not talking in the conversation, we are listening to the other person. However, the question is, do we?

Listening is a much deeper, more complex, and challenging activity.

Listening is absorbing the complete picture of the speaker in your mind. Here you are not just absorbing words; you are noting the tone, selection of words, flow, confidence, eye contact, body language, and much more. Listening with intent is about leaving your place temporarily and viewing the world from the speaker’s viewpoint. It is the position where you consume information without bias and judgment.

Listening is about your commitment and promise to yourself. It is about sacrificing your ego, time, and effort for committing to listening.

You see, that is why listening is hard for most of us.

But, never give up on practicing and learning the skill of listening!