What is Minimum Viable Project Scope (MVPS)?


The Minimum Viable Project Scope (MVPS) is the minimum possible project scope for a meaningful project. The intent of MVPS is not to do everything at once. Instead, break down the overall work into manageable, logical projects that offer business value and minimise risk.

Let us explore with a few examples:

Initiative: To implement ERP system within all business units and integrate with existing systems.

  • Project 1: Implement ERP within all business units and arrange manual integration process with other existing systems.
  • Project 2: Rollout ERP improvement and enhancements. Automate ERP integration with the other systems

Initiative: Rollout ERP to 5 separate business entities (companies) within ABC enterprise (group of companies).

  • Project 1: Rollout ERP to 2 companies in the Asia Pacific
  • Project 2: Rollout ERP system in 3 companies within Europe

MVPS helps to focus, learn and adapt quickly. You do not make costly mistakes.