What is the biggest ERP failure?

Digital Transformation

We all experience failure at some point in our lives.

Failure is worthwhile if we learn from it. But it doesn’t look like we have learnt much from the biggest ERP failure!

So, what is the biggest ERP failure?

You may be thinking about some big project!

It is not any specific project but our sheer ignorance. The biggest ERP failure is that we never genuinely took our key stakeholders on the journey with us.

As ERP professionals, we must educate the Project Sponsors, executives, and end users about the capabilities of ERP.

As Digital Transformation consultants, we failed to explain how ERP fits the digital landscape.

As Sales professionals, our focus has been on license and services commissions. As a result, we failed to ensure that the Sponsors fully understood what they were buying.

While on the technology side, we had significant leaps in the industry, on the implementation side, we are still following primitive ways of working in solos!

There is no harm in admitting our failure and making it worthwhile by learning from it!

Let us make each other accountable by ensuring that we educate our stakeholders and take them on the journey with us! Let us make it a valuable journey!