What is the core of your organisation?


There is no doubt that what gets measured gets managed! However, in business, measurement comes at a cost. Therefore you should only measure things that matter.

Out of the following, what is vital to your organisation:

  • Dealing with precious metals or raw materials?
  • Dealing with complexity in the manufacturing process?
  • Measuring labour hours/timesheets?
  • Measure the use of assets and maintenance
  • Measure customer experience, as there is a tough competition
  • Measuring Member’s experience, value and service the organisation is offering to its Members

So, what is at the centre of your organisation? What does your organisation care about the most? Determine the centre of focus of your organisation. Is it resources, raw materials, manufacturing process, customers, employees, members or vendors? It can be a mix of a few.

Put things that are the centre of focus in the middle. It is the core of your organisation.

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