What is the Definition of Success?


As leaders, we are often fixated on achieving success. We read, listen, and write about it. We preach about the lessons failure can teach us and how it leads to success.

We honour young entrepreneurs in the town. Many magazines print lists of the most influential people. It seems like everyone has a mandate to be successful in life.

But what exactly is success, and what is the definition of success?

For some, success means generating a billion-dollar profit, while for others, it means paying off crippling debt.

For some, it is enjoying a luxurious holiday in Las Vegas with fancy wine and drinks, while for others, it is finding leftover food in bins around the CBD.

For some, it is setting up automated irrigation facilities for their crops, while for others, it is finding clean water for the day.

For some, it is climbing Mt. Everest, while for others, it is getting up from bed and standing without support.

Success means different things to different people in their lives.

Each of us has separate success criteria – let’s call it our goal. When we meet our goal, we claim our success.

Yes, set big goals and dream big, but consider not taking too much pride in them. Who knows if they are our goals or if we are just a medium?

And, do not be discouraged by relatively small goals either. Who knows what tomorrow has in store for us?

Perhaps living in the moment is all we have. There will be many of us who will not see tomorrow!

So, let us keep going and do the best we can in the time we have!