Stop and think! When did I cheer last time for someone?

Organisation Culture

Remember our school day sports carnivals?

Especially when you were (performing) running, jumping, pulling, pushing, throwing….

You hear roaring shout-outs, words of encouragement, cheering for you, your team, your faction…

You feel you are not alone; everyone around you backs you.

When you win, the entire world stops, and you hear your name very clearly, a few pats on your back, a few hugs, a few handshakes, and sometimes even carrying you up high!

Remember how good you feel?

But what happens when you mature and start working in a confined space? Of course, you still go out and perform every day. You still work hard, sweat, fight, argue, laugh, and collaborate to create something new. But no one around you appears to cheer for you.

Occasionally you may hear words of encouragement. But, you often doubt the intent and question if they are genuine.

Maybe, you need to stop and acknowledge the magnificent work others around you are putting together. So shout out, tell their name to everyone, and cheer for them!

It may have been a while; you may have to ask yourself, when did I cheer last time for someone?

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