Why are we so busy?


On the global stage of planet earth, we are so busy sorting out life!

Why are we so busy?

Are we adding real value or digging holes and filling them?

One of the main reasons that we are too busy is because we often underestimate problems and overestimate our needs.

For example, we may not acknowledge that we have a bad eating habit (problem). But try to lose weight by trying supplements or getting on fancy diet plans (needs).

If we address our problem by improving eating habits, our needs will be straightforward. For example, consistently eating simple whole foods.

Similarly, in Business, we often do not address the core problem. For example, the problem is low sales due to bad products or services. We usually start by finding magical ways to sell bad products and services. For example, use digital marketing, digital loyalty programs etc. It will be far easier to address the problem by improving our products/services, and customers may line up to buy.

So, one of the main reasons we are unreasonably too busy is that we do not understand problems. Instead, we find we distract ourselves with complex needs to fix the symptoms of our problems.

The power of simplicity lies in dealing with our problems!