Why we need Enterprise Architecture?


Have you ever considered the following questions before implementing the ERP? Enterprise Architecture (EA) is not a discipline of producing nice drawings. Instead, EA practice is meant to answer these fundamental questions before embarking on the ERP journey.

This is one of the many reasons why we need Enterprise Architecture!

Business Structure:

  • How many Legal Business entities are there in the enterprise? What is the relationship between them?
  • What are the enterprise business objectives and goals? For example, are we planning to expand, contract, or make it attractive to sell the enterprise?
  • What is the growth strategy? Are you planning to grow organically, by acquisition, or by merger?
  • Similarly, what is the contraction or selling strategy?

Process and Data

Based on the input of the Business Structure questions:

  • Assessment of pros and cons of centralised/decentralise data and processes
  • Assessment of supporting multi-currency/multi-lingual system
  • Assessment of security, privacy, and access issues
  • Review of pros and cons of centralised /decentralise departmental units (Procurement, Finance, IT)
  • Assessment of segmentation of customer types (retail/wholesale)


Based on the input of Process and Data questions:

  • Who owns which capability/sub-capability (Procurement, Fixed Assets Management, Finance)
  • Determine the interrelationship among the capabilities and interdependencies of the design decisions. For example, costing for quotes is owned by Sales, Finance, or Operations?

Operating model and Governance

Based on the input of the Ownership questions:

  • What is the current operating model and governance of the enterprise?
  • What is the future operating model and governance of the enterprise?


Based on the input to all the above topics:

  • What are the current capabilities of the enterprise?
  • What is the interrelationship between the capabilities and sub-capabilities?
  • Which capabilities require improvement?
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