The High Cost of “Winging It”!


As entrepreneurs and executives, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking we can just wing it. We might be in the habit of bouncing from one meeting to the next with little to no preparation, convincing ourselves that we can handle whatever comes our way on the fly. Unfortunately, this approach often results in a vicious circle where important decisions are pushed off until the next meeting.

It’s also common for us to dominate meetings by speaking more than we listen, especially when we’re caught off guard. This can be a natural defence mechanism to save face, but it’s important to remember that effective communication involves active listening and thoughtful responses.

When addressing our staff and project teams, we may find ourselves falling back on the same old tired talking points we’ve been using for years. It’s tempting to think we can just are just winging it. We may get through these interactions unscathed, but this approach can quickly become a habit that permeates our corporate culture.

Making excuses like “I’m too busy” only reinforces the idea that winging it is an acceptable approach. In reality, this behaviour can be detrimental to our success as leaders and the success of our businesses. By taking the time to properly prepare for meetings and interactions with our teams, we can set a positive example and encourage thoughtful, productive communication across the board.