No one needs your advice on hindsight!


A child was riding a push bike. Pushing too hard, he fell. His dad ran to him and said, “You should slow down!”

The project stakeholders were not happy with the random surprises during the project. The Project owner advised the Project Manager to communicate proactively.

Such advice almost adds no value. The advice is given after the fact. If you are ever thinking of giving such advice, then think twice. No one needs your advice on hindsight.

If you really care about your team then show some empathy by thinking about the environment the team has to perform. For example, think about the project constraints, time pressures, and possible personal/team problems that the team members must have to overcome.

Try to get to the root cause of the problems rather than superficial feedback! Therefore, before reaching conclusions, take time to emulate the conditions under which the resources worked on the project.

Action for you: Start with empathy!