Why do we never make bad decisions in projects?

Decision making

Sometimes we take our time to gather facts and make informed decisions. Other times we take the decision and support it by justification. In either case, we tell ourselves and others that we are never wrong!

How many times did we admit within the team the following?

  • I have made a rash decision
  • I should have listened more
  • I haven’t made rational choices

I bet not many times!

Instead, we may hear ourselves saying:

  • It is, is what it is!
  • There is no point in harping on the past!
  • We need to move on!
  • Forget about what happened before!

Our future success largely depends on the choices and decisions we are making today. If we are ignorant of our bad decisions, we will make the same mistakes in the future.

It is not that we never make bad decisions in projects!

We often make bad choices, but we feel uncomfortable acknowledging them! It hurts our ego and pride. So, rather than looking at things retrospectively, we tend to brush over our past decisions.

Action: As a leader, you may want to set a good example by being vulnerable and acknowledging your bad decisions within your team.