Stop putting off decisions! It is not acceptable!

Decision making

We had a great meeting!

We discussed all the points as per the agenda. We hear perspectives and objections. We clarify questions and reach to end. Here, we wanted the decision maker to make key decisions. So, we asked for it. She said – “Let me get back to you”!

Indecisiveness plagues team morale and kills project momentum. Yet, decision makers comfortably jump from one meeting to the next, putting off decisions. It is a disrespect to the resources who put in work to collect information to facilitate decision-making.

The question is, as an executive, what are you doing about the situation?

  • Does the decision makers are putting off project decisions in your organisation?
  • What are you doing to stop this behaviour?
  • If decisions are not made on time, what is the escalation process?
  • Do you know how indecisiveness is affecting your organisation’s culture?

In summary, there are no reasons to tolerate indecisiveness. So, have a plan in place to deal with it!