What is the best way to implement change in your organisation?

Change Management

Let us be clear, there is no silver bullet!

The best way to implement change depends on many factors. However, the ‘best way’ is straightforward. The best way is when you do not have to do much work. Instead, your organisation turns to an army of self-motivated individuals. They overcome all obstacles to transform and meet the end goal.  

Now the tricky question is, how to motivate people?

Motivation is a rare commodity. It takes much effort, but motivation fades away with the next day’s hot sun!

But one thing is sure! People love to associate with big things, a noble cause, larger than life objectives! So maybe the best way to implement change is to find that big audacious meaningful goal. Then, help your organisation to visualise and live that goal. If you do it right, perhaps that is all you need to do. Your organisation will get you the ultimate goal and the change that comes with it!