Who is to blame for the failed project?


No one likes to fail. However, if we fail, we love to blame someone or something for our failure.

  • I cannot run 10K this week because of my shoes.
  • I missed the bus due to traffic.
  • No one loves me because they do not like to hear the truth about themselves.

Let me make your life easier!

If you ever wonder, who is to blame for the failed project?

The answer is simple; it is the Project Sponsor.

Unless agreed otherwise, the Project Sponsor is accountable for the overall project. Both PMI and Prince2 clearly state this fact. However, the vendors and internal Project team like to play nice. So, they do not explicitly state it.

The Project Sponsor has a very instrumental role in any Digital project. It is a big responsibility. So, as a Project Sponsor, if you ever observe the project going south, it is time to ask yourself some hard questions. Project Managers and Vendors are not accountable for the overall project. So, there is no point blaming them.

Even better, prepare well to sponsor the project so well that you don’t have to blame anyone!