What is so special about Business Intelligence, Big Data and Data Science?

Project Execution

Business Intelligence, Big Data, and Data Science are the set of capabilities, tools, and disciplines to support the business make informed decisions. They offer abilities to measure and manage things that matter the most. But the business must still know what matters to them the most.

So, what to measure, and why to measure it? But, more importantly, what to do with the knowledge offered by these modern tools?

As the technology improved, the plumbers had better tools to work with. They moved away from manual hand drills to electric and then battery-operated drills. However, they must still know where and how much to drill.

Similarly, these modern data management tools, capabilities and disciplines do not replace a need for strategic planning and decision making. But, if used correctly, they make strategic planning and decision-making more effortless, efficient and effective.

So, let us not distract ourselves with these new fancy tools and capabilities. Instead, keep focusing on understanding our core business and measuring and managing things that matter the most.