Why you cannot over-communicate?

Change Management

Effective communication is one of the main challenges within every project and organisation. We all hear this phrase – You cannot over-communicate!

If the message is important and reasonably complex, it is often challenging to communicate it effectively.

Here are a few reasons:

  1. We think we are fully present, but often we are not: Consider watching an interesting movie again. You may find that you missed quite a few scenes before. Similarly, reread an interesting book and discover new gems of information.
  2. We have preconceived ideas: Our preconceived notions often block our senses from absorbing new information contrary to our beliefs. For example, the new system will automate the goods-receiving and dispatching process. If we believe it is impossible, we will likely ignore written, oral and other forms of information.
  3. We are distracted: We are distracted for various good or bad reasons. But often, our distractions intervene in absorbing the new information.
  4. We are genuinely busy: So we don’t have time to consume complex, extended forms of communication.
  5. We are lazy and tend to resist change: New process, system, or procedure requires us to learn and unlearn. So, denial is often a natural first response.

If the message is important, keep repeating it through different channels and mediums. Indeed, you cannot over-communicate!

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