Why do businesses delay decisions to invest in enterprise solutions?

Decision making

Investing in enterprise solutions (ERP/CRM) is a big commitment from any business. These solutions are complex and require strong sponsorship. We often observe that these solutions can instantly add massive value to traditional SMEs. Yet, the companies delay decisions to invest in enterprise solutions.

Why is that so?

There can be many reasons, but here is a generic flow:

  • Most companies do not acknowledge that they have problems due silo and manual information processing.
  • Only a few companies acknowledge that they have problems, and enterprise solutions can help resolve them. But, they think they have unlimited time to make a decision.
  • For the companies that decide to implement enterprise solutions, many have constraints of funding, board approvals or resource availability.

What is your reason for delaying decisions to invest in an enterprise solution?

Remember, while you are sitting on valuable decisions, you are paying a cost. It is called the cost of delay. No one has unlimited time to make decisions that matter!