Digital Capability Development Team is not IT!

Digital Transformation

In the last few posts, we covered that SMEs should develop a concept of continuous digital improvement. Therefore, SMEs should consider setting the digital capabilities on ongoing bases. The Digital Capability Development (CDC) team is responsible for offering these services to the business.

You may think CDC is a fancy name for your current IT team!

Note that Digital Capability Development Team is not IT!

CDC professionals understand the current systems landscape. They can analyse and assess current and future business needs. Then, based on the business problems and needs, they can offer creative technical solutions to the business. In other words, they develop new digital capabilities. CDC is about understanding the big picture and developing a roadmap for digital solutions.

IT, on the other hand, has a very different role. The IT team is typically responsible for ensuring the existing technical assets are managed well. In addition, they handle security, user access and maintenance activities. So, CDC and IT have very different priorities. The first is responsible for delivering new digital capabilities and later is responsible for maintaining them. Therefore, don’t confuse the two and talk to the right group!