What is Digital Capability Development Team?

Digital Transformation

The Digital Capability Development Team is a group/department within a business responsible for developing and implementing digital capabilities to support the business vision, mission and goals.

Therefore, the Digital Capability Development (DCD) team is responsible for understanding current and future business problems/needs. Then, based on the requirements, they assess and implement digital solutions to satisfy the business needs.

Consider your business is experiencing problems due to separate systems for each department. So, the Finance department is using a COTS Accounting system. Inventory and Supply Chain uses a bespoke application called ‘Inventory tracking’. Finally, retail stores use the COTS Point of Sale (POS) system. The problem is that these systems are not integrated, becoming a bottleneck for the company’s growth.

In this instance, the DCD team will understand the business’s current problem and future aspirations. Then, they are responsible for designing and implementing the digital solution to meet the needs.

In SMEs, the DCD team is generally non-existent. However, in large corporations, they are part of Shared Services or IT.

Do you have such a team within your business?

If not, consider talking to the decision makers to form DCD.