Digital Transformation, by accident! Shocking but true!

Digital Transformation

Most SMEs get on to the Digital Transformation journey by accident. Phase – 1 starts with the implementation of enterprise software. Phase – 2 is to clear Phase – 1 mess and add a few new Digital capabilities. Finally, the organisation slowly improves its Digital Maturity. Then, it executes a Digital Transformation project to replace the software implemented in Phases 1 and 2 with the new application.

Sounds familiar?

This is a common theme among most SMEs. Technology decisions are made with emotion rather than facts. There is no investment in big picture thinking. No architecture, plan or vision for the digital landscape. The decision makes decisions are influenced by emotions and pressure from the software vendor.

So, why do SMEs follow this path?

SMEs rely on the expertise of internal resources. The common assumption is that they can manage the Digital projects internally. Maybe they perceive digital consulting services as very expensive.

The result is undeniable and consistent!

The software implementations take a long time and enormous cost. Often these organisations choose the wrong software products. Then they start again with yet another Digital Transformation initiative. Not planned, but by accident!