Do not leave for the Digital Transformation journey alone!


Do you know anyone jumping into the ocean without professional training or support?

Imagine the disaster if an unlicensed driver drives a car without a professional instructor.

Then, why do many SMEs endeavours to implement Enterprise (ERP/CRM) software without professional help? I have come across this insanity many times. Project Sponsors assume that few of its managers can manage software implementation. Hence, hiring an experienced Project Manager (PM) and Business Analyst (BA) is not even considered.

The message is – do not leave for the Digital Transformation journey alone!

Digital Transformation journey

When the stakes are high, why not hire professionals who have done it before so many times? Not hiring the professionals is like deliberately jumping from the plane alone with the parachute, hoping for the best.

If a high cost of the professional PM and BAs is bothering you, then consider the following:

Think about what can happen if you decide to build your house without a professional civil PM?

You do not pay much for a Professionals. The professionals cover a significant part of their cost by the savings in the project (improve efficiency, negotiate with vendors, risk management).

Remember the level of risk you are taking without engaging professionals. It is not uncommon to see projects doubling the baseline budget. If you mess up, consider disruption to your business (customers confidence, staff turnover).

The moral of the story is that do not leave for the Digital Transformation journey alone! Instead, get professionals on board for a successful implementation that delivers value for your investment.

I hope you have a fruitful journey!