Why ERP implementation is taking so much time and effort?

Digital Transformation

Are you currently sponsoring ERP within your business?

Are you wondering why ERP implementation is taking so much time and effort?

Look, there can be many reasons. But, often, we question and doubt ERP vendors. Nothing wrong with it as long as it helps you!

But in any case, never forget to look inside your organisation. The following factors can add to the project cost. Especially, the tasks that are generally customer (your team) responsibility. For example, Data Migration, Testing, User security and Change management.

Look for the following points that may be causing you grief:

  • Your internal project team has no prior experience implementing ERP. It is a big learning curve for them to get on board with the fundamental concepts and implementation methodology. So, everything is taking more time than anticipated.
  • If your team is too busy with day-to-day BAU work.
  • Issues related to change management
  • Red tape and bureaucracy to do anything within your organisation
  • Lack of direction from you on the project objective and decision making
  • Lack of leadership and working in silos. As a result, everything takes too much time
  • The Subject Matter Experts and critical decision makers are constantly changing their minds about the solution

The point is there is value in first cleaning your own house before finding culprits outside!