Failure is a great teacher, but there are better ways to learn!


Failure is a great teacher. Failure opens up new doors for learning. However, one can learn from others’ failures/experiences too. It is a much better way to learn.

We often overestimate our capabilities. So, we do not seek professional assistance at the right time. Instead, we crash, burn, fail miserably and then seek help.

Consider the following examples:

  • People who go to the gym without any understanding of exercise. They do random exercises only to seek help after a severe injury.
  • People who assume they know about dental hygiene and end up going to a Dentist for major procedures.
  • People (with little experience) renovate their houses themselves only to create an absolute mess!
  • Project Sponsors who decide to manage enterprise software implementations in-house. They only seek help from an independent consultant when the project is only halfway with no budget left!

Taking the initiative is a good thing. But, leading the business through the slippery road to transformation without a guide is not!

Note that failure is a great teacher, but there are better ways to learn!