Focus drives our energy! Where is your focus?


There can be multiple routes to a destination. Few routes are better than others. The question is, how do we find better ways to achieve our goal?

Stop and think about your focus because our focus drives our energy!

  • Suppose your goal can be to save money. Are you saving money by focusing on earning more or hunting for deals/sales in the marketplace?
  • Suppose your goal is to increase your business income. Are you focusing on giving more value or finding tactics to increase the labor rate?
  • If you are a consultant trying to give a wow customer experience? Are you focusing on solving the customer problem or impressing the client by telling how much you know?

Our focus is everything. When we focus outside ourselves and serve, we find better routes to our destination. Remember, we are all artists performing little art for the big picture. So take a break and write about your focus! Ask yourself where are you focusing?