Form the Steering Committee! Preparing for the war!


Enterprise software implementations are the war against the Status quo.

The Project Sponsor is the General taking overall accountability. The Project Sponsor forms the core team to lead the war.

The core team is called as Project Steering Committee or Project Board. The Steering Committee is like a group of Colonels working under the command of a Major General (Sponsor). Each Colonel leads a specific area (Finance, Manufacturing, HR). They ensure that their teams are well prepared to execute the plan. The Steering Committee also includes vendors chiefs that supply arms and ammunition (software/technology vendors).

The Steering Committee makes sure that the Project team has the right resources to undertake the work. They oversee, support, make critical decisions, ask great questions and ensure that the Project team delivers the value from the investment.

If you get to form the Steering Committee, think of the type of people you will choose to lead the war with you. As a Project Sponsor, you are accountable for the project, but you don’t have all the answers. So, get the best people on the Steering Committee to help you win!