When should I hire an independent consultant?

Digital Transformation

So, you have decided to hire an independent consultant for your Digital Transformation initiatives. But, you may be thinking: When should I hire an independent consultant?

It depends on what you want the consultant to do. To build the foundation for successful implementation or clean up the mess!

Look, the problem is that we seem to be overconfident about our capabilities at the start. Unfortunately, we only seek help from a specialist when the damage is done.

For example, many people visit a Dentist when they are in pain. But, it is much better to visit Dentist regularly. So, why not seek expert advice and maintain good dental hygiene?

In the same pattern, we go to a Dietician when we are obese. Why not engage earlier when we are putting on weight?

Similarly, we seek services from experts generally when it is too late. It is much more efficient to work with them at the very start.

This is true for engaging independent consultants as well. Many companies hire independent consultants after the damage is done. The project is over budget, and stakeholders reject the solution, change management issues and fatigue.

Organisations assume that they can manage digital implementations themselves. They only consider hiring independent consultants when things go out of hand.

However, it is sensible to engage the consultant(s) from the start and work in partnership to pave the foundation for successful implementation.