Why are we too shy to log this significant risk?


Digital projects are all about working collaboratively to deliver the intended outcome within given constraints. However, the reality is that we work in silos of smoky glass walls. Often the Vendor and Customer side Project teams behave like rivals rather than partners. Teams lack empathy, trust and goodwill. Collaboration among the teams is often out of the question.

Customer side Project teams are busy blaming vendors for everything (except bad weather). At the same time, the Vendor Project teams are busy protecting themselves with mountains of emails and reports with piles of disclaimers. Merely, their focus is to release the deliverables as per the signed piece of paper (SOW).

The Customer and Vendor Project teams are meant to work together as one unit. Collaboration is the key to a successful outcome. Yet, no one speaks about its non-existance within Project teams! #NotMyProblem

Why are we too shy to log this significant risk?

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