Sometimes no action is a good thing!


Yes, sometimes proactively observing without any action is a smart move!

You know that the kids often complain when they go to a new class or school.

When we move to the new house, we sometimes discuss the new place’s shortcomings

We often complain when we look at something new. It is vital to note that the problem may not in the new things. The problem is in looking at new things from the old perspective/viewpoint.

Consider an example; the software salesperson shows their software in the demo. Unfortunately, the attendees find many issues with the software.

A Project Manager can proactively ask the software salesperson to quote for fixing the issues identified in the demo. Alternatively, the Project Manager can choose to do nothing. Simply acknowledge the issue, sit back and allow time to help the attendees reassess the software from a fresh viewpoint. As the attendees’ perspective changes, it helps them appreciate the new software more.

Hence, be cautious when you introduce a new process, software or change. There is a value in proactively monitoring the communication, with no action! Allow time for the stakeholders to review with a fresh perspective. So, sometimes no action is a good thing!