Stop complicating things! There is no set recipe for digital transformation!

Digital Transformation

We love debates!

Pick any topic; you will find thousands of articles debating different viewpoints. We love to complicate things to win.

For instance, search for the following topics on the internet:

  • Agile Vs Waterfall, which is better?
  • Project Manager Vs Scrum Master, can they be the same person?
  • Should we map ‘As-Is’ processes?
  • ERP Vs Best of breed software, which is better?
  • ERP Vs COTS software, which is better?
  • ERP is the foundation of digital transformation
  • ERP has nothing to do with digital transformation
  • Reengineer your processes before implementing business software
  • Implement the enterprise software and processes will take care of themselves  
  • Should we have a daily stand-up in the small Agile project
  • Can we implement enterprise software using Agile methodologies?
  • Sticky notes are a waste of time in Agile projects

The list can go on. Reading the list, you may have your own opinions about each of the topics. But the reality is that there is no correct answer. Instead, there is consistently a better answer!

That is: ‘it depends.’

Our choices and decisions on the software implementations depend on multiple factors like the:

  • maturity of the stakeholders, project team,
  • project budget, timeline,
  • availability of project resources, their capabilities
  • project constraints, assumptions, risks
  • priorities of the Project Board, PMO, and more.

We make project choices and decisions in a highly dynamic environment, dealing with multi-dimension problems. Therefore, our decisions will always depend on a multitude of these factors. There will never be a perfect answer for these debate topics.

So let us stop complicating things! There is no set recipe for digital transformation!