Why do we complicate things? Top reason you must know!


In the last post, we covered that Project sponsors must keep things simple in the project. Complexity is one of the most significant challenges within technology projects. But, the complexity is generally not due to the technical challenges. Instead, it is because of human interaction within the projects.

So, the question is, why do we complicate things?

  • What is the root cause of the complexity of communication, relationships, expectations and human interaction?
  • Why are we unable to execute projects and straightforwardly?
  • Why is unnecessary jargon, complicated processes and vague disclaimers to protect rather than serve?

It all goes back to ‘I’ thinking!

‘I’ thinking is the root cause of the majority of complexity. ‘I’ thinking means that everything revolves around your self-identity. As an individual, everything revolves around you. So, protecting yourself and glorifying your identity is the top priority.

So, the Project Sponsor does not make any difficult decisions with the ‘I’ thinking mindset. Saving their face is more important to them. To glorify their self-image and gain attention and power, they become unpredictable. They randomly change their minds blame and shame people.

Sounds familiar? Yes, crazy but true!

It results in unwanted confusion and complexity. It becomes difficult to gauge what does Project Sponsor want?

Business Executives imitate similar behaviour. Rather than making a change and leading their workstreams, they tend to be indecisive. They do not want any blame from the Project Sponsor, so they play safe. Unfortunately, the Project team see that the Business Executives are playing too safe.

So, the Project Team and vendors follow the same pattern. But, clearly, now everything is very complex. The whole ecosystem is centred on self-identity and self-image. It is a cultural thing and driven by higher management.

As a Sponsor, if the project is getting very complex, then look out for the culture of ‘I’ thinking. But, before you look out, look inside, as it may be coming from you.

Time for some self-reflection!

Why do we complicate things