Technology project never ends! How long is the piece of string?

Digital Transformation

Technology projects are complex! Throughout the project, the Sponsor has to deal with many challenges. Near the end of the project, you may find that the project is stuck. You are making progress, but it is too slow. The project is not coming to an end. Many Project Sponsors ask why the project never ends? How long is the piece of string?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of these projects, it is a difficult question to ascertain.

So, what can we do?

Start by picking the most petite possible thread bundle!

project never ends

During the project initiation, advise your team to propose the Minimum Viable Project Scope (MVPS). MVPS is the smallest possible scope for a meaningful project. Do not try to do everything at once. Instead, break up the initiative into smaller parts (projects).

Near the project end, even if you feel stuck and find out the project is not ending, you know the overall scope is manageable. This is because you have reduced complexity by limiting the scope from the beginning.

You may struggle to find how long is the piece of string, but know that you picked a tiny bundle, anyway. The end, therefore, should not be too far!