How to improve your project team morale instantly?


Project work is challenging. Often your Project team has to work long hours and handle stressful situations. They deal with too many unknowns for long periods. During the project, you may experience your team’s morale turning into a rollercoaster.

So you may wonder, how to improve your Project Team morale instantly?

It is pretty simple!

Being humans, we have common needs. Many psychologists have explained it in different ways—for example, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

At the core, it is the human ego. Ego is satisfied by genuine caring, recognition and appreciation.

So, take some time out of your busy schedule. Look out at the work of your team. Acknowledge the work and commitment of your team.

Your team needs it very desperately. They are in the trenches by themselves. They are looking at you as their leader. So, take time to look at their work and say thank you! It will help to boost their morale instantly.

However, it will work only if you are genuine in your attempts.

Caution: If you fake it; it can backfire!