The best way to screw up as a Project Sponsor!


We have already covered that the Project Sponsor is accountable for the Project. It is the default setup for the project organisation.

The Project Sponsor has a heavy burden on his shoulders. The Project team reach out to the Sponsor to make critical decisions in time and authorising key documentation. The Sponsor ensures that the Project remains on track, and quality resources are available. The entire team rely on the Sponsor’s leadership throughout the Project.

Hence, as a Project Sponsor, you must make sure that you don’t screw up.

And the best way to screw up as a Project Sponsor is by assuming that you know everything! It is the road to hell, so don’t ever go there!

Instead, you should engage members of the executive team to support and lead the implementation. We call the team Project Board or Project Steering Committee. The Steering Committee has a vital role to ensure the project’s success. Therefore, make sure you engage the best of the best leaders that can support the initiative.