Skills that Digital Capability Development Team must have!

Digital Transformation

Continuing my grinding on digital capability development. We have established in the past few posts that you should continue investing in improving your business’s digital capabilities. It is an ongoing process and should never stop. You should therefore consider developing the Digital Capability Development (DCD) team.

You may be thinking about which skills to look for in the DCD team.

The following are the skills that Digital Capability Development Team must have:

  • Problem Definition: They have the ability to ask the right questions to the right stakeholders. They can define the business problems, their root cause and the symptoms of the problems.
  • Requirements Analysis: They have required domain knowledge and technical understanding of the business systems to document requirements at the right level of detail.
  • Solution options: They can propose solution options and engage with the right stakeholders to facilitate decision-making in a timely way.
  • Solution implementation: They can manage all aspects of small to medium size projects. For example, scope, timeline, quality, change management, cost

Do not underestimate the value that the DCD team can offer. First, take time to evaluate the skills you have in-house. Then, develop and nurture this team for long-lasting, worthwhile change within your business. You may not get the people with the right level of skills within the team. So, seek help from outside where it makes sense.