What is the top benefit of using ERP software?

Digital Transformation

ERP systems offer one solution to meet the end-to-end business needs of the organisation.

Let us unpack this!

ERP systems consist of multiple modules (like Finance, Manufacturing, Sales). These modules are designed to work with each other seamlessly. Therefore, the entire organisation use one centralised software. The sales team uses it to record leads and quotes and convert them to sales orders. The Operations team manages the execution of Sales orders and invoices the customer within the system. Finally, Finance uses the same system to check if the customer pays the invoice on time.

So, the top benefit of using ERP software is centralising data and processes. The centralisation helps to develop meaningful reports and Business intelligence. The staff starts to use consistent terminology across the teams, which helps to improve communication. Further, ERPs offer this unified world through ready-to-use capabilities. For example, ERP has in-built processes to convert the quote to Sales Order.

Unification of data and processes with ease is often the first step towards an organisation’s Digital Maturity! ERPs help you achieve this step with speed and confidence!