Why do we underutilise digital assets?


There can be many reasons why we underutilise digital assets. An example of underutilisation is, using emails for customer communications instead of using a CRM system.

But why do we underutilise digital assets?

Among many reasons, the passive change resistance is most common.

Passive change resistance is indirect and inactive resistance to adopt the change.

underutilise digital assets

Consider, my organisation rollout a new software for timesheet entry. Ignoring the new process of time entry, I continue to send timesheets in Excel. In this case, I haven’t actively resisted not using the latest software. At the same time, I haven’t adopted it fully either.

Most end users fall into this category. They use digital assets but do not attempt to utilise them fully. When the IT team roll out new software features, they do not learn and continue to use the system in the same old way. This is one of the primary reasons we do not realise the intended benefits of digital assets investment.

Business executives often assume that if end-users did not resist the change, they must be using the new software optimally. It is far from the truth, however.

If you do not trust, take some time from your busy schedule. Call for an audit on the use of business software and find it yourself.

There are plenty of surprises just around the corner!