Why are IT projects too complex?

Digital Transformation

It is a common myth that the complexity of IT projects is due to technical development work. We assume that the technical solutions within IT projects are complex. The fact is that technological development is a small portion of the overall project. The main reason for the complexity is the inter-dynamics of project teams and stakeholders.  

People involved in IT projects often have different expectations, cultures, and needs. The complexity is in aligning their expectation and taking everyone together on the journey.

So, as a Project Sponsor, if you ever wonder – Why are IT projects too complex?

The answer is quite simple; it is due to the multitude of stakeholders, project teams and their expectations. If you like to simplify the complexity, work with the Project Teams and stakeholders to develop alignment. Clarify fundamental questions like:

  • Why are we undertaking the project?
  • What is the purpose and objective of the project?
  • Role and Responsibilities of the Project Team?
  • Project plan
  • Project reporting and governance requirements
  • Project deliverables
  • Working cuture and alignement

The technical solution is a small portion of the overall project. If you want to simplify the project execution, work with the people involved in the project. Develop alignment for the ultimate simplification!