How to keep it simple? Laser focus on the project objective!


Continuing our ‘ keep it simple ’ series. We now know the root cause of complexity. You understand that it is not about you (‘I’ thinking).

So, you now have a solid foundation!

The next step is to develop – a laser focus on the project objective.

keep it simple

You must have clarity on the crucial questions like:

  • Why are we undertaking the project?
  • What is the end goal? How will the outcome of the project support the organisation?
  • How will the project impact the various stakeholders?

So, what you need is a two-line project objective statement. For example:

To upgrade the existing ERP and integrate with the current peripheral systems. It is a like-for-like upgrade with no new capabilities/features to be added.

The above objective paints a very clear picture of the end goal.

So, how does it help to keep it simple?

  • Scope: If the recent version of the software offers new capabilities and features. You point out that implementing new functionality is not in scope. So, you add additional scope only by exception.
  • Solution: The project team has clarity on the baseline during the solution development, testing, and acceptance. They clearly understand the expectations of the project.
  • Stakeholders: With clarity on the objective, the Project Manager engage the right stakeholder at the start of the project.
  • Expectations: The stakeholders know the end goal as well. So, you can manage expectations very effectively.

To conclude, the end goal helps develop alignment within the Project team and stakeholders. Therefore, the team focuses on delivering the project within the given constraints.

A side note: To develop project objectives, always consider the Minimal Viable Project Scope (MVPS).

More to come on the ‘ keep it simple ‘ series. Stay tuned!

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