Why earning respect is so vital for you?


The Project teams ultimately report to the Project Sponsor. Therefore, as a Project Sponsor, you may assume to have their respect. It is not true, however.

The Project team will not give you respect by default. Instead, you must earn it.

But why earning respect is so vital for you?

Here are a few of the reasons:

  1. Respect is the basic foundation of a fruitful relationship: For a successful project, you must develop a genuine relationship with your Project team and the stakeholders. Respect is the foundation element for any good relationship.
  2. You are a leader not by your title but by the degree to which you command respect: Enterprise Digital projects and transformations are complex. As a result, there can be stressful and emotionally draining situations for you and your team. However, if your team respects you, you can navigate challenging times smoothly.
  3. Before trusting you, your team must respect you: You must earn your team and stakeholders’ respect before they trust you. For example, in enterprise projects, you may require to make difficult choices and decisions. If you command respect, the team and stakeholders follow your lead and support you even during tough decisions.

The bottom line is that you must earn respect as soon as you initiate the project. The respect from your team and stakeholders will help you navigate through rough times and difficult decisions smoothly.

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