Digital Capacity is like electricity! It is no longer a matter of choice!

Digital Transformation

As a business executive, always have a long-term view for developing Digital Capacity. Digital Capacity is like electricity; you need it; the question is how much!

Digital Capacity is the ability of the organisation to deliver value add digital solutions. To keep up with the business and technical change, you need to invest in Digital Capacity. In other words, you need people, processes, and tools to develop, implement and maintain Digital solutions.

So, when you complete implementing an enterprise application (ERP/CRM), you are not done with it. There is always work to:

  • improve and enhance the enterprise application
  • improve the quality of data and integrity
  • integrate the enterprise application with other applications
  • improve workflows and remove bottlenecks from the processes
  • develop new solutions outside the enterprise application
  • improve reporting and business intelligence
  • improve digital capabilities by implementing specialised software

The list goes on.

The point is that with Digital systems, you are never done. Your business always needs work in the digital space to keep up to date with technology and change. So, think of developing Digital Capacity as one of the fundamental needs of your business. Nurture it with care!