How to Focus on the right things to make a real difference?


In the last post, we covered that our Focus drives our energy. Focusing on the right things make a real difference. It helps us to make better choices.
But how to focus on the right things?

Here are a few thoughts:

Kill ‘I’ thinking: By default, most of us think about our interests. We put ourselves first. But, putting ourselves aside and focusing on the big goal makes all the difference. Remember, in the overall schema of things; we are a little part. So focusing on what we can give rather than what we can get makes all the difference.

Mind is lazy: Our minds like to be in comfort. So, it tricks us into finding shortcuts and distractions with short term pleasures. But, focusing on a disciplined pursuit of pushing boundaries take us to the next level.

Perhaps a good time to think:

  • Are you focusing on the right things?
  • Is your Focus driven by ‘I’ thinking?
  • How are you pushing yourself to serve more every single day?