How to earn respect?


In the last few posts, we covered that don’t take respect from your Project team and stakeholders for granted. As a Project Sponsor, you must earn respect. Then we covered why earning respect is essential.

If you are convinced and believe in what we have established in the last two posts, then the question is how to earn respect?

There must be a lot written on this topic. So I am sharing my thoughts for the Project Sponsor sponsoring the digital initiative.

Here are a few practical steps to earn respect from the Project team and stakeholders:

  1. Understand that it is not about you: We all love to be respected by others simply because it feels good. However, understand that it is not about you. You want the Project team and stakeholders to respect you to have a successful outcome. That should be your objective.
  2. Help your project team and stakeholders succeed: Be at the forefront of resolving issues and challenges of the Project team. In return, they will give you respect and love to serve you and your initiative.
  3. Give respect to gain respect: Humans are naturally wired to reciprocate.
  4. Know your stuff: If you are an awesome person but incompetent, people around you may be helpful and care to serve you. However, to earn respect, you must be competent. You know your stuff, know the purpose and objective of the initiative. Learn the intricacies of the project and be at the forefront consistently throughout the project.
  5. Try to be a great leader: This is a broad paintbrush point, but it makes sense. All great leaders are also well respected. So, if you strive to be a great leader, naturally, you will earn respect too.

I hope the above points give you a few ideas to earn respect. Keep on trying and trying hard. Again, it is not about you but the success of the initiative you are sponsoring!