How to master your tools? Tips to learn about Business systems?


In the previous post, we have established that you must understand the purpose and use of business systems within your domain. For example, the Procurement manager should know the capabilities of the Procurement software and its use.

This post will uncover a few tips to learn about Business systems.

  • Start with a search engine: When we want to explore, the search engines are our best friends. Start searching by the best keywords. You should be able to find specialised software within your industry. Now narrow the search within your domain. For example, if you are working in the manufacturing industry, search for keywords like ‘Manufacturing software’ and ‘Manufacturing ERP’. You may shortlist software. Then, explore your business area. For example, ‘Procurement module in software XXX’, or ‘ How Procurement works in software XXX.’
  • See videos: Jump on Youtube and search how different software offer solutions for your industry vertical and your area (Procurement).
  • Attend webinars: Subscribe to free webinars. In addition, many vendors showcase their products to educate and influence prospective customers. Make use of this avenue and learn what is on offer.
  • Subscribe to the products: Many SaaS software providers offer free subscriptions for a limited time (2 weeks). Subscribe and learn how the software works and its capability to cater for your needs.
  • Book an online demo: If you are seriously thinking about implementing the software, then liaise with the software vendors for an online demonstration.
  • Contact your contacts: Learn from the experience of others. Contact the people you know within your industry and learn about the software they use.
  • Liaise with your competition: Do not be shy to contact your counterparts employed by your competitor. Share the knowledge but not private and confidential business information.

In summary, there are many avenues to learn about Business software. Your organisation may not be using any software. But, it would help if you never held back. Using the above few tips are a starting point to learn about the Business software (tools). Note that not knowing the tools for your domain is incompetence. There are no excuses, so act now!