How to keep it simple? Get simple people on the team!


In the last few posts, I have covered:

This post is about getting the right people on the Project team who love to keep things simple.

It is no brainer that efficient, hardworking, like-minded resources make all the difference in the project delivery. They work collaboratively to deliver the right outcome for you.

Now the question is how to identify them?

How to keep it simple

Here are a few tips:

  • ‘I’ thinking: As we covered before, ‘I’ thinking does not cripple their thinking. The world does not move around them. They love serving with humility.
  • Open-minded: They are open-minded about the problems, requirements, and solutions. They listen, assess, process information and give valuable feedback. Further, they do not pretend to know everything.
  • Hidden agenda: They collaborate to achieve the set outcome. Their personal preferences and agenda do not blind them.
  • Relationship: They form a genuine connection. The team thrives by working together in a cohesive environment. They deal with challenges with open communication and emotional intelligence.
  • Add value: They add value in every step of the process. They never complicate things to justify their existence.

To set a solid foundation for the project, ensure to get the people with the right temperament. It is not just skills but attitude too. The right people will do the right things to give you the right outcome by keeping things simple!