The culprits for saying yes!


We get into trouble because of the people who say ‘Yes’ when the response should be no!

If we observe closely, we may be the culprits for saying yes.

Here are some examples:

  • Yes, our team can complete the project on time and with additional scope.
  • Yes, if you vote for my party, I will seek approval for funding for your community.
  • Yes, I agree with you. People are leaving because they cannot handle change. They are not leaving due to the management.
  • Yes, we can customise the software the way you like.
  • Yes, we can meet your ambiguous demands as long as you pay our pending invoices.
  • Yes, you can watch TV and enjoy ice cream. You can do the homework later.

You get the idea!
The ‘yes’ people may screw us. The problem is that we are often one of them. The challenge is how to say no when the answer should be no.